Sony FD Trinitron Service Manual Repair and Troubleshooting

FD Trinitron FE Chassis The following service, repair and troubleshooting manual apply for Sony FD Trinitron FE-2 chassis including KV-28LS35B, KV-28LS35E, KV-28LS35U, KV-32LS35B, KV-32LS35E and KV-32LS35U models.

This manual is divided into sections as follows: General Information (specifications, connectors, self diagnostic software, switching on the TV and automatically tuning, introducing the menu system, menu guide, teletext, connecting optional equipment, using optional equipment and troubleshooting), Disassembly (this includes rear cover removal, speaker disconnection, chassis removal, A board PWB removal 1, A board PWB removal 2, service position, side control module removal, picture tube removal), Set-Up Adjustment (beam landing, convergence, focus adjustment, screen and white balance), Circuit Adjustment (this includes electrical adjustment and test mode), Diagrams, Block Diagram, Circuit Board Location, Semiconductor and IC Blocks, Exploded View and Electrical Parts List.

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One thought on “Sony FD Trinitron Service Manual Repair and Troubleshooting

  1. Sandra Halburian

    We bought a used 2001 Sony Trinatron TV, it was part of a used mobile home package.

    I pushed something and now can’t get it to turn on. I have no clue what the “code” is and the man we bought it from moved to Georgia. Can you help me?


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