Canon EOS-3 User Guide and Operating Manual

canon eos-3 The Canon EOS 3 is a semi-professional-grade film camera made by Canon Camera. It was first released in November of 1998 to rave reviews. The EOS-3 is world’s first high-performance AF single-lens reflect camera with Eye-Control area AF. The camera’s many features can suit diverse picture-taking requirements from fully automatic operations to highly specialized applications. It also retains the simple electronic dial operation found on other top-tier EOS cameras. The EOS-3 has a top shooting rate of 4.3 fps by itself, and 7 fps using the PB-E2 power booster. This would mean that a 36-frame roll of film would be used up in just over 5 seconds.

The following user guide and operating manual provides detail procedures and instruction on how to properly and correctly use and maintain the camera to get bets performance. The manual is divided into chapters covering all aspects of the camera including Basic Operation, Installing the Battery and Checking the Battery Level, Mounting and Detaching a Lens, Programming the AF menu, Selecting Metering Mode, Shutter Speed-Priority AE, Aperture Priority, Depth-of-Field, Flash Photography with Speedlite 550EX, Troubleshooting Guide, Exposure Warning List, and Program Line.

Find more information about Canon EOS Rebel XS instruction and operating procedures in the following page (first select the category = EOS (SLR) camera system, then select product type = 35mm EOS camera, after that select model = EOS-3, then press Go. (source:

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