Toshiba Mini NB250

Toshiba Mini NB250 Manual User Guide Setup and Troubleshooting Problem

Toshiba Mini NB250 Offering up to 8.5 hours battery life, the ultra lightweight Toshiba Mini NB250 has a stylish gloss black textured design and features a 25.7cm (10.1” TruBrite display. Processing is provided by the latest Intel® Atom™ processors and the NB250 has a near full-size keyboard for ease of use. The Toshiba NB250 netbook is also one of our “greenest” PCs—fully Energy Star® compliant, and scoring high on the EPEAT® environmental scale.

The following manual provides detail yet comprehensive information regarding specifications, features, menus, tools, as well as user guide, operating instruction, setup and installation procedures, troubleshooting and diagnostic problems guideline for the Toshiba Mini NB250 netbook series. This Toshiba Mini NB250 manual is divided into sections as follows:

Getting Started
Learning the Basics
Mobile Computing
Exploring Your Computer’s Features
If Something Goes Wrong
, this section discusses about: problems that are easy to fix, problems when you turn on the computer, fixing a problem with device manager, memory problems, power and the batteries, keyboards and display problems, disk or storage device, sound system, printer, wireless networking problems, and develop good computing habits.
Hot Keys/TOSHIBA Cards
Power Cord/Cable Connectors

Get support and download the Toshiba Mini NB250 manual, user guide, setup, installation and troubleshooting procedures here – free download 197 pages PDF file type manual from

5 thoughts on “Toshiba Mini NB250 Manual User Guide Setup and Troubleshooting Problem

  1. Gidz David

    I have a screen problem with my Toshiba NB250. There is a vertical pink line on the center of my screen and i don’t know how to remove it. Is there a problem in my video graphics or just a hardware problem? how can i remove it? Pls help me… tnx.

  2. Nepomnyashchiy Valentin

    I bag you the Denutzerhadbuch Toshidag serie Mini NB250 in russish.
    I have this instruction in deutsh.
    Thank you. valentin


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