Compaq EVO N1010v Specs Repair Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Manual

The Compaq EVO N1010v Notebook series comes with 1.6- or 1.8-GHz Intel Mobile Celeron processor with 256-KB L2 cache and 1.45-V core low-power compaq evo n1010z processor with 133-MHz processor system bus, with 128 MB SDRAM preinstalled memory (expandable up to 1 GB (1024 MB) SDRAM using 512 MB modules). It uses 14.1-inch XGA (1024 × 768) active-matrix TFT display and equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics accelerator with 16, 32, or 64 MB UMA graphics memory, 4x AGP graphics capability.

The following repair and troubleshooting manual apply for Compaq EVO N1010v notebook series. Here you will find detail yet brief information for maintaining, servicing, repairing, trouble diagnosis and troubleshooting as well as specification and features of the Compaq EVO N1010v.

The service and troubleshooting manual is divided into 5 major sections as follows:

Product Information, provides detail information about the Compaq EVO N1010v specifications such as CPU, display, hard drive, CD/DVD Drives, RAM, communication, and battery.

Removal and Replacement, this chapter tells you how to remove and replace the notebook’s components and assemblies, including removing battery, SDRAM module, wireless LAN Mini-PCI Card, Hard Disc Drive, keyboard, cards, heat sink, PCA antenna, PCA radio, PCA I/R, motherboard, and switchboard. Here you will find also diagram shows the general path you will use when disassembling the notebook to access any particular component.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostic, this section includes troubleshooting and diagnostic information for testing the functionality of the notebook, and for identifying faulty components. This section covers discussion on ASP support information, troubleshooting information, and diagnosis tools (e-Diagtools diagnostic program, power-on self-test, sycard PCCtest 450/460 PC card, Windows Management Instrumentation, and BIOS Setup utility. Here is an example of message posts related to system CMOS: System CMOS has been corrupted or modified incorrectly, perhaps by an application that changes CMOS data. In response, the BIOS has installed the default Setup values. Use BIOS Setup to modify these values if needed. If the error persists, check the system battery. Connect the AC adapter for at least 24 hours; replace the motherboard.

Replaceable Parts, this section contains an exploded view of the notebook and the following lists of parts, e.g. notebook replaceable parts, accessory replacement parts, and part number reference.

Reference Information, covers password removal policy and display quality statement. If the user forgets the system password, the user calls Technical Support to determine the proper removal procedure. The user must provide proof of ownership, and the notebook must be operated during the procedure.

Find more detail information about Compaq EVO N1010v Specs Repair and Troubleshooting Manual here – 6.2 MB PDF file docs. (source: Other Notebook Service Manual you may interest.

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