Nintendo DSi XL Manual Operating Instruction Setting Support and Troubleshooting

The Nintendo DSi XL is a handheld game system created by Nintendo. The Nintendo DSi XL features: 4.2″ screen, TFT color liquid crystal (260,000 colors); 256 MB flash memory; 16 MB RAM; 133MHz CPU Clock Speed; 2 VGA (0.3) Megapixel cameras; Wireless 802.11 b/g connectivity; SD memory card slot; and Stereo headphone/Microphone connected terminal.

Nintendo DSi XL

The following manual provides detail information regarding specifications, features, basic menus, setting/setup, resetting and troubleshooting (error messages and error code list) procedures for the Nintendo DSi XL series. This Nintendo DSi XL manual is divided into sections as follows:

> Health and Safety Information
> Nintendo DSi XL Components
> Charging the Battery
> Using the Stylus and Touch Screen
> Adjusting the Volume and Screen Brightness
> Using SD Memory Cards
> Replacing the Battery Pack

Applications and Settings
> Nintendo DSi Menu
> Nintendo DSi Camera
> Nintendo DSi Sound
> Nintendo DSi Shop
> DS Download Play
> PictoChat
> Nintendo DSi Browser
> Flipnote Studio
> System Settings

Support and Troubleshooting
> Troubleshooting
> Error Message List
> Error Code List
> Nintendo DSi Privacy Policy
> Nintendo DSi Code of Conduct
> Warranty and Service Information
> Legal Notices
> Glossary

Get and download the Nintendo DSi XL manual, user guide, operating instruction, setting, and troubleshooting here [free download 3.98MB PDF file manual from]

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