2008 Suzuki Forenza Owner Manual

2008-suzuki-forenzaThis owner manual is applicable for 2008 Suzuki Forenza car series. Herein you will find brief information about specification, features and technology, user guidance, basic maintenance and repair of 2008 Forenza models. This manual is divided into 8 Chapters. Chapter 1, Seat and Restraint System, explain the detail usage of front seats, rear seats, safety belts, child restraint, air bags, and restraint system checks. Chapter 2 contains information about Feature and Controls of the vehicle which covers discussion on Keys, Door and Locks, Windows, Theft-Deterrent System, Daily Inspection Checks, Starting and Operation, Mirrors, Storage Areas and Sunroofs.

Find the complete and detail information of 2008 Suzuki Forenza and its Owner’s Manual here (226 pages of pdf file docs)

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