Suzuki GSX 400 F Service Manual Maintenance and Repair Guide

1982 suzuki gsx400f katana The 1982 Suzuki GSX 400 F Katana is a naked-touring bike style motorcycle driven by an air-cooled 398 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 45 hp / 10.000 rpm, 3,5 kg-m/ 8.500 rpm. This bike features Suzuki Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC) which improve engine performance, charge burning efficiency ad intake charging efficiency. The GSX400F (internal code GS400XF) was available for two years. In 1983 the model was replaced with the liquid-cooled GSX400FW.

This Suzuki GSX 400 F Service Manual, Maintenance and Repair Guide is divided into sections as follows:

General Information
Periodic Maintenance and Tune-up Procedures
, this section covers periodic maintenance schedule for: air cleaner element, battery, cylinder head nuts and exhaust pipe bolts, valve clearance, compression check, spark plug, ignition timing, carburetor, fuel lines, engine oil and filter, oil pressure, oil sump filter, clutch, brakes, drive chain, tires, steering and front fork.
Servicing Engine, included in this section: engine removal and reinstallation, engine disassembly, engine components inspection and servicing which covers: cylinder head assembly, valve camshaft,cam chain tensioner, cylinder, piston, piston ring, connecting rod, crankshaft, clutch, starter clutch removal, oil pump, transmission gears and related parts.
Fuel & Lubrication System
Electrical System
Servicing Information

Get more info about 1982 Suzuki GSX 400 F Service Manual, Maintenance and Repair Guide here – free download 39.8 MB PDF file manual.

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