Suzuki GS250FWS Service Manual The Suzuki GxS250FWS has been developed as a new generation motorcycle to the GS models. It is packed with highly advanced design concepts including a liquid cooling system, a new highly efficient in line four engine, a fully transistorized ignition system, an anti-dive device and full-floater suspension system. Combined with precise control an easy handling the GS250FWS provides excellent performance and outstanding riding comfort.

This Suzuki GS250FWS – Inspection and Maintenance Guide - is divided into sections as follows:

General Information
Inspection and Adjustment
Disassembling and Servicing
Servicing Information
, this section covers: tightening torque, transmission, valve related parts, wiring diagram, wire and cable routing, front brake, rear wheel, service data.  

Get and download the Suzuki GS250FWS Service Manual, Inspection and Maintenance Guide here: – copy and paste the above url to your browser.


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