Honda VT1100 Shadow Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual (85 – 98)

honda vt1100 shadow 98 The Honda VT1100 Shadow is a popular cruiser motorcycle featuring V-twin engine, excellent brakes and good handling. The engine is a liquid-cooled V-twin with single overhead camshaft and three valves (two intake, one exhaust) per cylinder. Fuel is delivered through a pair of Keihin carburetors. Power is delivered to the rear wheel through a shaft drive system. Honda VT1100 uses telescopic forks for its front suspension system. While the rear suspension consist of a swingarm and twin-shock setup. The rear spring preload is adjustable on all models.

The following workshop manual provides detail information for maintaining, repairing, servicing, trouble diagnosis and troubleshooting of Honda VT1100 Shadow V-Twins 1985 – 1998 model years. This repair manual is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into numbered sections.

Index of Content:
  About this manual
Introduction to the Honda VT1100 Shadow
Identification numbers
Buying parts
General specifications
Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities
Safety first
Motorcycle chemicals and lubricants
Tune-up and routine maintenance
Engine, clutch and transmission
Cooling system
Fuel and exhaust systems
Ignition system
Steering, suspension and final drive
Brakes, wheels and tires
Frame and bodywork
Electrical system
Wiring diagrams
Conversion factors

In the troubleshooting section, you will find instruction on how to troubleshoot problems like:
Engine doesn’t start or difficult to start
Poor running at low speed
Poor running or no power at high speed
Clutch problem
Clutch slipping
Clutch not disengaging completely
Gear shifting problems
Abnormal engine noise
Knocking or pinging
Piston slap or rattling
Valve noise
Other noise
Abnormal driveline noise
Abnormal frame and suspension noise
Oil pressure indicator light comes on
Excessive exhaust smoke
Poor handling and stability
Electrical problems
Battery dead or weak
Battery overcharged 

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8 thoughts on “Honda VT1100 Shadow Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual (85 – 98)

  1. Elaine

    Super! Super! Super! I have looked all over the place for the Honda Shadow VT1100 manual – thank you so very much!

    Sincerely – Elaine

  2. rosario

    salve e’ possibile avere il manuale d’officina di questa speldita moto in versione in italiano?.
    grazie anticipatamente

  3. James

    I have a 1992 Honda shadow VT1100, I am looking for a ignition control module and can not find one if you know of one please let me know thanks. or you can call me at 870-227-9972


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