Honda CB125 CB175 CL125 CL175 This is a servicing guide for the Honda CB125, CL125, CB175 and CL175 motorcycle models. The manual has been prepared using the CB175 and CL175 as the basic models, however, the information contained will apply equally well to all models. There are minor differences among the models, primarily in the engines; these differences have been specifically noted for CB125 and CL125. To ensure proper servicing, the special tools must be used and all repairs made to the specified tolerances.

Engine features of CB125, CL125, CB175 and CL175:
- Chain driven overhead camshaft
- Dual oil filtering system
- Constant-meshed transmission gears
- Variable venture carburetor

This workshop manual is divided into sections cover discussion on the detail specification, special tools, engine, frame, electric system, troubleshooting and wiring diagram.

Find more information about Honda CB125 CB175 CL125 CL175 Workshop Procedures in this manual.

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