Hodaka motorcycle This repair manual provides repair information and procedures for all Hodaka Motorcycle Models to 1974. Herein you will find detail description and illustration of specification, features, motorcycle’s parts, maintenance, and service procedures. The repair manual is divided into chapters. Chapter One provides general information and specification. It also discusses equipment and tools useful both for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Chapter Two explains all periodic lubrication and routine maintenance necessary to keep the bike running well. It also includes recommended tune-up procedures, eliminating the need to constantly consult chapters on various subassemblies.

Chapter Three provides methods and suggestions for quick and accurate diagnostic and repair of problems. Troubleshooting procedures discuss typical symptoms and logical methods to pinpoint the trouble. Subsequent chapters describe specific systems such as the engine, transmission, and electrical system.

Find more information about Hodaka Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair procedures in the following manual.

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