Gilera Nexus 500 Workshop Manual Repair and Maintenance Guide

gilera nexus 500 The Gilera Nexus 500 is powered by a single-cylinder four stroke, single overhead camshaft with integrated tone wheel, control from flywheel side chain, 4 valves and automatic start-up valve lifting device, generating 29 kW (39 CV) maximum power at 7250 rpm and 40 N·m (4 kgm) maximum torque at 5500 rpm. The Nexus 500 is equipped with electric fuel pump Ø 38 mm throttle body and single injector electronic injection system and fluid circulation through a motor-driven pump, 3-way thermostat and electric fan cooling system.

This Gilera Nexus 500 Workshop Manual, Repair and Maintenance guide contain detail procedures and illustration for maintaining, repairing and servicing Nexus 500. The manual is divided into sections as follows:

Characteristics, this section covers rules, safety rules, maintenance rules, vehicle identification, dimensions and mass, engine, transmission, capacities, electrical system, frame and suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, tightening torque, overhaul data, assembly clearance, cylinder-piston assembly, crankcase-crankshaft-connecting rod, cylinder head, slot parking system and products.
, this section contains detail explanation on maintenance chart, spark plug, hub oil, check, replacement, air filter, engine oil, cooling system, braking system, headlight adjustment, etc.
Electrical System
Engine From Vehicle
, included in this section service and repair procedures for automatic transmission, air duct, driven pulley shaft bearing, baffle roller, clutch, flywheel magneto, etc.
Braking System
Cooling System

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