BMW K75 Maintenance Workshop and Repair Manual

bmw k75 The BMW K75 is a BMW motorcycle that was produced from 1985–1995. All K75 models share the same drivetrain. They are powered by a 740 cc inline three-cylinder, Bosch fuel injected, engine.

The maintenance, workshop and repair manual you will find here contains detail procedures and instruction for maintaining, repairing, servicing, and troubleshooting you BMW K75 series. This manual is divided into section as follows:

Introduction, this section contains information about introduction to BMW K75 model, weight and dimension specification, ordering spare parts, safety information, tools and working facilities, standard torque settings, fault diagnosis, routing maintenance, minor and major service procedures.

Engine, the engine is liquid cooled three cylinders, four-stroke. This section outlines detail procedure and instruction on general engine description, dismantling, reassembling and refitting the engine.

Cooling System
Fuel System and Lubrication
Ignition System
Frame and Forks
Final Drive and Rear Suspension
Wheels Brakes and Tires
Electrical System
Wiring Diagram
Conversion Factor

Find more information about BMW K75 Maintenance Workshop and Repair Manual HERE, free download 31.97 MB PDF file. Find also other BMW Motorrad Service Manual you might be interested in.


17 thoughts on “BMW K75 Maintenance Workshop and Repair Manual

  1. Dan

    I wanted to add my thanks as well – I live over 80 miles from the nearest BMW motorcycle dealer and this manual is clearly written, thorough and a real lifesaver. Thanks!

  2. Brien

    This looks extremely valuable. However, the links no longer seem to work. Could you please advise how to (re)gain access to it? Thanks much.

  3. support download Post author

    Hi Mark, the broken link (on the words “HERE”) is fixed, please try again…thanks

  4. Beemer Andy

    would love to find a manual in .pdf too bad all these sites are full of broken links and redirect you to paid downloads.


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