Sony Ericsson W8

Sony Ericsson W8 Manual

Sony Ericsson W8 Specifications and Features

In Sony Ericsson W8 you’ll find a Walkman phone combined with the Android Operating System (it uses Android 2.1). Though It uses an older version of Android, it still can be considered as a breakthrough in its class. This phone has 3” scratch-resistant capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels and powered by a 600MHz processor and 168MB of RAM. For the networks, it works under Quad-band GSM/EDGE, HSDPA 900/2100 / HSDPA 850/1900/2100. To support your needs it provides 128 MB onboard storage, microSD card slot (expandable up to 16GB) and 2GB card included.

Sony Ericsson W8 1. 3.5 headset connector
2. Power key/Screen Lock
3. Connector for Charger/USB Cable
4. Proximity Sensor
5. Ear Speaker
6. Notification LED (Battery Status)
7. Light Sensor
8. Touch Screen
9. Menu Key
10. Home Key
11. Back Key
12. Camera Lens
13. Volume Key
14. Camera Key
15. Speaker
16. Strap Holder

For the features, this phone has 3.2 MP camera with geotagging; Wi-Fi connectivity; Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP; microUSB port; Built-in GPS receiver; digital compass; FM radio with RDS; Accelerometer for UI auto-rotate; Social networking integration and more. Unfortunately no secondary video-call camera is available. As a Walkman phone, of course it also offers an excellent audio quality.

Size: 99 x 54 x 15 mm
Weight: 104 g

Sony Ericsson W8 Manual and User Guide

This manual apply for Sony Ericsson W8 smarphone series. Herein you will find detailed product information, specifications, features, as well as user guide, operating procedures, setup, reset and troubleshooting procedures for the Sony Ericsson W8 series. The manual is divided into sections as follow:

User Support
Important information
Getting started
Getting to know your phone
Google Talk
Sony Ericsson Timescape
Android Market
Playnow service
Web browser
Connecting your phone to computer
Bluetooth wireless technology
Getting organized
Connecting to wireless network
Backing up and restoring
FM Radio
Taking photos and recording videos
Camera album
Location services
Locking and protecting your phone
Updating your phone
Legal information

Setting Up Sony Ericsson W8 (page 9 of the manual)

The first time you start your phone, a setup guide explains basic phone functions and helps you enter essential settings.  Set up your phone so that it works to your needs. Import old contacts, select your phone language, optimize your wireless network connection settings and much more. The setup guide covers the following:

  • Basic phone settings such as language, internet, time and date.
  • Wi-Fi settings – speed up your connection and decrease data transfer costs.
  • Application settings – helps you with email setup, online service accounts and contact transfers.

Sony Ericsson W8 Factory Reset (page 96 of the manual)

You can reset your phone to its original settings, with or without deleting all your personal data and downloaded applications. It is possible to reset the phone to the state it was in before you first turned it on. But before you perform a reset, make sure to back up any important data saved in your phone. To reset your phone:

  • From the Home screen, drag image upwards.
  • Find and tap Settings > Privacy.
  • Tap Settings reset to reset applications such as email to their default values without changing your personal data and accounts.
  • Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything to erase all personal data from your phone, including your Google account and downloaded applications.

Sony Ericsson W8 Troubleshooting Procedures (page 96 of the manual)

My phone is not working as expected. If you experience problems with your phone, check these tips before you try anything else:

  • Restart your phone.
  • Remove and re-insert the battery and SIM card. Then restart your phone.
  • Update your phone. Updating your phone ensures optimal performance and provides the latest enhancement. See Updating your phone on page 95 for more information.
  • Reset your phone.

Be patient while resetting your phone. Restarting the phone during a reset procedure may damage the phone permanently.

Download Sony Ericsson W8 Manual

Get support and download Sony Ericsson W8 manual and user guide (operating instruction, installation guide, setup, reset and troubleshooting procedures) here from Free download 7.06 MB PDF file type document (101 pages English Version manual).


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    my phone sony ericson xperia w8.., is troubling me by continuosly switchng on and off……. !! acc to it the prb is in ROAD SYNC….. im nt able to get it…please help me out as soon as yu can….


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