Samsung Sunburst™ Manual

samsung sunbrust The Samsung Sunburst’s™ comes with a sleek and fashion-forward design. The user-friendly interface makes it intuitively easy to navigate through the menus. Samsung Sunburst’s™ features: 4.33” x 2.08” x .51” (HXWXD) of dimension; 3.08 ounces SAR value; 3″ full Touchscreen with virtual, landscape QWERTY keyboard; 2 Megapixel Digital Camera with Camcorder Multiple Resolutions and 4x digital zoom; support up to 16GB microSD™ card, MP3 Player and MPEG4 video player.

This manual contains detail information regarding product overview, specifications, features, menus, tools, applications as well as operating procedures, setting and setup guide for the Samsung Sunburst’s™ mobile phone series.

This Samsung Sunburst’s™ Manual and User Guide are divided into sections as follows:

Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Menu Navigation
Call Functions
Entering Text
Changing Your Settings
Understanding Your Address Book
My Stuff
Games and Applications
AT&T Music
Mobile Web
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

Get and download the Samsung Sunburst’s™ Manual and User Guide here – free download 6.24MB PDF file manual from

7 thoughts on “Samsung Sunburst™ Manual

  1. Cindy

    Is there a way to use the repeat feature on the calendar to set a specific, i.e., the third friday of every month?

  2. conner

    i’m havin trouble trying to find how to do the signature on my phone. Do you know how to make to put a signature on my phone????

  3. joe

    sometimes people cant hear me when i talk..i can hear them they cant hear me… 3 weeks it works…3 weeks it dont…3weeks it its 3 weeks it dont again.. i’v tried soft an hard reset …thats not working… losing patients… i hate this phone

  4. Martha Lawler

    I have Samsung Sunburst – How do I get Office 07 – My calendar and contacts from my computer to my new phone. Do I need to buy a new cable to connect my phone to my computer??


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