samsung S3600 manual user guide

Samsung S3600 Manual User Guide and Operating Instruction

The Samsung S3600 comes with 2.2 inches 176 x 220 pixels TFT, 256K colors screen display; 30 MB internal memory with up to 2GB microSD card slot available; 1.3 MP, 1280×960 pixels resolution built in camera; videocalling. The Samsung S3600 is powered by a Li-Ion 880 mAh standard battery which last up to 220 hours for standby time and up to 3 hours talk time.

samsung S3600 manual user guideThe following manual provides detailed information regarding product overview, specifications and features of Samsung S3600 mobile phone series. Herein you will find information such as:

Safety Warnings
Safety Precautions
Important Usage Information
Phone Layout
Install the SIM Card and Battery
Insert a Memory Card (optional)
Instructional Icons
Enter Text
Use the Camera
Turn Your phone ON or OFF
Access Menus
Add a New Contact
Send and View Messages
Use the Bluetooth Wireless Feature
Make a Call
Answer a Call
Record a Conversation
Adjust the Volume
Make Fake Calls
Use the Magic Box
Listen to Music
Listen to FM Radio
Use the Shortcut Toolbar
Activate the Mobile Tracker
View Photos and Videos
Change Your Ringtone
Call a Recently Dialed Number
Activate and Send an SOS Message

Get support and download the Samsung S3600 Manual, User Guide, and Operating Instruction HERE – free download PDF file manual from

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