Samsung Mythic Manual SGH-a897 – Specs User Guide and Operation Instruction

Samsung Mythic Manual SGH-a897 Specs User Guide The Samsung Mythic™ (SGH-a897) is everything you’ve been dreaming of in a phone and then some. You’ll talk to friends, watch TV, and browse the web or view photos right from the extra-large 3.3” touchscreen. The Samsung Mythic (SGH-a897) comes with the following specs and features:

  • Network: GSM 850/900/1900
  • Platform: JAVA™
  • Weight: 3.8 oz.
  • Dimension (HXWXD): 4.49″ x 2.06″ x 0.5″
  • Screen Display: 3.3″ touch screen 360TST 262k color
  • Camera: 3.2 Megapixel Camera
  • Music: Music Player format: MP3, AAC
  • Embedded JAVA™ Games
  • External Memory: up to 32 GB micrdSD card
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Standard Battery: talk time: up to 3 hours, standby: up to 10.5 days

    This Samsung Mythic (SGH-a897) Manual, Specs, User Guide and Operation Instruction explain how to start using your phone by first configuring your hardware, activating your service, and then setting up your voice mail; outline some key features, menu navigation; describe how to make or answer a call; also include tips on how to use your phone’s features, as well as how to change and customize the display settings, call handling, security settings, and other settings associated with your phone. This manual is divided into sections as follows:

    Getting Started
    Understanding Your Phone
    Menu Navigation
    Call Functions
    Entering Text
    Changing Your Settings
    Mobile Video
    Understanding Your Address Book
    My Stuff
    AT&T Mobile TV
    Games & Applications
    AT&T Music
    AT&T GPS
    Mobile Web
    Health and Safety Information
    Warranty Information

    Get and download the Samsung Mythic (SGH-a897) Manual, Specs, User Guide and Operation Instruction here – free download 6.98 MB PDF file manual from

    5 thoughts on “Samsung Mythic Manual SGH-a897 – Specs User Guide and Operation Instruction

    1. Courtney

      How do you set up your voicemail on the Samsung Mythic. I have tried to hold down the 1 key and then enter my 10 digit phone number, but it says i dont have a voice mail box. I just cannot figure it out

    2. Blarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhgggggggg

      Mike: Yes you can change the font size of messaging, in your settings, applications, messaging. You should find a font setup. or when you read messages, press up on the volume bar. It should enlarge the font.

      Courtney: Just dial the number with out the 1. the system should speak.


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