Samsung Intercept Manual Operating Instruction and User Guide

Design for Sprint, the Samsung Intercept (SPH-m910) features 3.2” touchscreen with QWERTY keyboard; WQVGA 240 x 400 pixels screen display resolution; Android 2.1 operating system; 800 MHz high-end processor with higher-quality graphics and faster performance; 8GB of built-in memory along with a free microSD™ memory card (you can add up to 32 GB); 3.2MP camera; 4.9 ounces of weight; 4.43” x 2.19” x 0.59 (HXWXD) of dimension. Right out of the box, the Intercept™ comes loaded with cool social apps that let you post your status as you walk out of the store.

Samsung Intercept manual

The following manual provides information regarding how to operate, use, manage and get started you knew Samsung Intercept (SPH-m910) smartphone series. This Samsung Intercept manual is divided into sections as follows:

Get Your Device Ready
Activate Your Phone
Making and Answering Calls
Getting Round on Your Device
Pictures and Videos
Android Market
Sprint TV, Movies and Radio
Amazon MP3
Manage Your Account
Helpful Sprint Information

Get and download the Samsung Intercept (SPH-m910) Manual, User Guide, Operating Instruction here (free download 1.65 MB PDF file manual from

8 thoughts on “Samsung Intercept Manual Operating Instruction and User Guide

  1. thomas daniel

    my intercept keeps saying text messaging full but theirs nothing in it how do i solve this

  2. Donald Willey

    My phone is stuck on airline mode and I can’ find how to fix it and don’t know how it even got turned on? Can you help me with that? Also have been trying to download manual without success. DJ

  3. William Otto

    I am not a spring chicken and do not know how to use the functions on my intercept. No instructions exept how to turn on. Need a site to download a detailed set of directions on how to use all the function on my new phone.

  4. Ayondela Noble

    I cannot use my phone at all! I cannot answer calls nor can I use any of the touch screen features, I have had an issue with this phone since I purchased it last fall and it getting worse. How can I use the phone and get the touch screen features to work?



  5. Victor

    I am looking how to download a Samsung Intercept Manual, and all I get is a run around with links. How can I down load a users manual?


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