Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR2 Operating Manual

Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR2 The Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR2 is a 32-inch, liquid crystal display television. The KDL-V32XBR2 features 1366 x 768 HDTV resolution and the renowned Sony XBR video quality which sets these TVs apart from the competition, New BRAVIA Engine Pro full-digital, high definition processing circuitry and a new Wide Color Gamut Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp LCD backlight which improves color accuracy. Digital HDMI and HDTV component video inputs, plus a 15-pin VGA PC input means you have all the connection options you need, and the new BRAVIA XBR LCD televisions include a table stand, and an impressive 20W stereo speaker system enhanced with SRS TruSurround.

The following operating manual provides detail information about specifications, features, instruction and operating procedures of Bravia KDL-V32XBR2. The manual is divided into sections which cover discussion on Getting Started (connecting and installing the TV), Basic Operation (Remote Control and TV Controls), Using the Menus (using picture setting, sound setting, screen setting, setup setting, analog setup setting, and digital setup setting), Other information, Troubleshooting and Specifications.

Find more information about Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR2 operating and troubleshooting procedures in the following manual. (source:

4 thoughts on “Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR2 Operating Manual

  1. Fred Madrid

    Bravia LCD 32 inch TV has sound but no picture. I unplugged and replugged the video cables and tested it on all 7 different settings but only sound comes out.

    Could it be the bulb and if so can the bulbs be purchased anywhere? How easy are they to install?


  2. alfredo

    i have the same problem and im looking for the manual to aolve the problem, because its a temperature problem , if you have a fan arround the house point it to the back of the tv and youll dee the result, the picture come on againg, and I dont have the manual thats whay I need it, think it may have a setup like computers, to raise the temperature level


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