iPod Nano 3rd Generation Users Manual

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Users ManualThe iPod Nano is a middle class portable media player of Apple’s iPod family which first generation was introduced in 2005. To date it reached the 3rd generations. Unlike iPod classic, it uses flash memory instead of hard disk, thus making it more resistant to skipping due to movement. It has storage capacity 4 GB and 8 GB with features up to 24 hours of music play back and 5 hours video play back. The color is available in silver, pink, blue, green, black, and red. Using USB connection and FireWire (for charging only), it requires minimum Mac 10.4 or Win 2000/XP/Vista OS system (for other platform that Apple does not support like Linux, there are third-party software available).

Using iPod nano you can play music and video, store digital photos, listen to iTunes audiobooks, store or back up files/data (iPod nano as an external disk), synchronized contact, calendar, and to-do list information from you computer, play games and more.

If you want to know more details about this gadget, you can read the introducing feature (manual) here. In this users guide you’ll find explanation about iPod nano basic; music feature, video and photos features; extra features such as using iPod nano as an external disk also described; how to synchronize contacts, calendars, and to-do list of your computer; you can also learn about iPod nano accessories; tips and troubleshooting such as how to reset iPod nano, reset with a different USB port, restart, reinstall and restore iPod nano; some tips on safety and cleaning; and learning more on the service and support.

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