Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray User Manual Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

samsungbdp1500 bluray The Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray disc player features full 1080p resolution, CD & DVD Compatible, Built-in Ethernet Connection, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD, Easily Connect Your Digital Devices and one control through a remote control. The Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray disc player support BD-ROM / DVD-ROM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / AVCHD / audio CD playback media, VC-1 / MPEG2 / H.264 playback format.

This Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray User Manual and Troubleshooting Guide are divided into sections as follows:

Key Features
Safety Information
Getting Started
Remote Control
, this section covers: connecting to a TV with an HDMI cable, HDMI Auto Detection Function, connecting to an audio system.
Basic Functions
System Setup
Language Setup
Audio Setup
Display Setup
HDMI Setup
Parental Setup
Network Setup
Persistent Storage Management
System Upgrade
Watching a Movie
Listening to Music
, included in this section a solution for problems such as no operation, disc does not play, disc menu does not appear, no audio, the screen ratio cannot be changed, the screen is blocked, forgot password, no HDMI output, etc.

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