Sony Guide to Digital Photography Tutorial

The following tutorial manual as specific applies for Sony Digital Camera. This manual is divided into chapters which are Getting the Shot You Really Want, Shooting the Digital Way: Camera Systems, Taking Your Best Shot: Camera Control, Sharing Your Picture, Sony Product Guide, Digital Still Camera Specification and Index.

The lens and the image sensor work together as a team. In a fixed-lens camera, the lens is carefully tailored to the specific size and resolution of the image sensor. Small image sensors work with smaller lenses – ideal for ultra compact cameras. But if you want the higher performance and creative control of a large image sensor, you’ll need a larger lens to go with it. The difference becomes even more dramatic in telephoto and high magnification zoom lenses. For example, the Sony DSC-H7 15x optical zoom lens extends from 31 to 465mm (35mm equivalent). On a 35mm camera, such a lens would be gigantic. Yet the DSC-H7 is quite compact.

Download the Sony Guide to Digital Photography Tutorial (31 pages of pdf file docs,)

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