The following tutorial manual as specific applies for Sony Digital Camera. This manual is divided into chapters which are Getting the Shot You Really Want, Shooting the Digital Way: Camera Systems, Taking Your Best Shot: Camera Control, Sharing Your Picture, Sony Product Guide, Digital Still Camera Specification and Index.

The lens and the image sensor work together as a team. In a fixed-lens camera, the lens is carefully tailored to the specific size and resolution of the image sensor. Small image sensors work with smaller lenses – ideal for ultra compact cameras. But if you want the higher performance and creative control of a large image sensor, you’ll need a larger lens to go with it. The difference becomes even more dramatic in telephoto and high magnification zoom lenses. For example, the Sony DSC-H7 15x optical zoom lens extends from 31 to 465mm (35mm equivalent). On a 35mm camera, such a lens would be gigantic. Yet the DSC-H7 is quite compact.

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