The Samsung NX10 offers an incredible 14.6 Megapixels and APS-C size CMOS sensor which delivers high-quality images and rich, natural color. Other features of Samsung NX10 include: a 3.0” AMOLED display; 720p HD quality video and an H.264 advanced video compression format camera; Samsung 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS zoom lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 27.7-84.7mm); 3X optical zoom (approximate); USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED); and many others advanced features from Samsung.

samsung nx10

The following page outlines detail information regarding features, menus, setting and setup procedures, , and for the Samsung NX10 digital camera series. This Samsung NX10 manual is divided into sections as follows:

Basic Functions: Learn about your camera’s layout, icons, and basic functions for shooting.
Basic Shooting: Learn how to take a photo by selecting a mode and how to record a video.
Extended Shooting Functions: Learn about the options you can set in shooting mode. By using the shooting options, you can enjoy more customized pictures and movies.
Playback/Editing: Learn how to play back photos, videos, and edit photos or videos. Also, learn how to connect your camera to your computer, photo printer, TV, or HDTV.
Camera Setting Menus: The camera use environment can be set to a desired state by using the setup menu.
Appendixes: Refer to settings, error messages, specifications, and maintenance tips.

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