Ricoh CX1 Manual – Specs Troubleshooting and User Guide

Ricoh CX1 Manual The Ricoh CX1 digital camera has a compact body, featuring a 28-200mm, 7.1× optical zoom lens that covers a wide range of shooting. The camera comes with a camera shake correction function to allow you to take clearer pictures with minimized blurring. It also features macro shooting at 1 cm (P.41) and close up flash shooting at 25 cm (Telephoto) or 20 cm (Wide-angle); dynamic range double-shot function; multi-pattern auto white balance; consecutive shooting with seven focus points; high-resolution picture display (3-inch 920,000-dot VGA picture display); and many more advanced technologies.

This Ricoh CX1 Manual, Specs, Troubleshooting and User Guide provide information on how to use, manage, operate, setup, setting and troubleshooting the camera. The Ricoh CX1 Manual is divided into sections as follows:

Basic Operations Packing List
Names of Parts
How to Use the Mode Dial
Picture Display
Getting Ready
Basic Shooting
Playing Back Images
Deleting Files
Changing the Display with the DISP. Button
Advanced Operations ADJ. Button Functions
Using the Fn (Function) Button
Shooting Mode Types
Shooting Menu
Playback Functions
Playback Menu
Setup Menu
Direct Printing
Downloading Images to Your Computer
Appendices, included in this section: Troubleshooting, Error Messages, Specifications,etc

Get and download the Ricoh CX1 Manual, Specs, Troubleshooting and User Guide here – free download PDF file manual from

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