Volvo Penta is a subsidiary and a business area of the Volvo Group. It provides engines and complete power systems to leisure boats, workboats, power-generating equipment and similar industrial applications.

volvo penta diesel engine The following workshop and concerns Volvo Penta Engine of the D1, MD1, D2 and MD2 types. Engine with type designations D1 and MD1 are one-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engines with overhead valves which total capacity is 445cc. Engines with type designation D2 and MD2 are two-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with overhead valves which total capacity is 890cc. MD1 and MD2 are marine diesel engines. D1 and D2 are industrial engines. The combustion chambers in the engines are designed for direct fuel injection, this resulting in low fuel consumption, smooth running and immediate starting.

Content of the manual: General Description, General Service Work, Engine Unit (covers description, cylinder head and valve system, repair instructions, cylinder block and crankcase, pistons, connecting rods, camshaft, crankshaft and manual starter), Lubrication System, Fuel System (covers description, repair instruction, fuel injections pump, injectors, fuel filter, feed pump, and centrifugal governor), Cooling System, Reverse System, Specification, Tools and Cut-away Drawings.

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