Toyota 4Runner | Hilux Surf Workshop and Service Manual (90 – 95)

The following workshop and service manual apply for Toyota 4Runner (Hilux Surf) second generation (1990 – 1995). This manual is divided into sections. Each section consists of General Description, Troubleshooting, Preparation, and Repair Procedures.

Toyota 4runner hilux surf Content of the manual: How to use the manual; Identification Information; General repair instruction; Precaution; Vehicle lift and support locations; Maintenance schedule; Maintenance operation; Service specification; Engine mechanical system (including description, operation, preparation, troubleshooting, tune-up, compression check, cylinder head, timing chain, cylinder block, and exhaust system); Emission Control System (includes positive crankcase ventilation system, pulsed secondary air injection system and three-way catalytic converter system); MFI System (includes fuel pump, cold start injector, fuel pressure regulator, injector, throttle body, electronic parts location, EFI main relay, engine control module, etc); Cooling System; Lubrication System; Engine Mechanical System; Ignition, Starting and Charging System; Manual and Automatic Transmission, etc.

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20 thoughts on “Toyota 4Runner | Hilux Surf Workshop and Service Manual (90 – 95)

  1. ralph

    i don’t have a comment but i need some info regarding turbo engine. my question is why there is oil coming out from the turbo and entering in the air filter? i have a 4runner toyota 1990. engine 2lt.

    thank you.

  2. Issac

    I don’t understand why my toyota hilux surf, 1993 model does goes very slowly up the hill on full throttle. The speedometer gauge on the dash board is also not working and there is oil leak from the turbo and wets the airhose and the engine. Please, someone rectify this problem for me.

  3. alison hemsworth

    i have a surf 24l 1991 i keep having ploblems with it starting i have check the batt they are reading 12volts and i have check the anrt its reading 1298 when the lights are on and heating and engine running now it will not started then it will then not can u help thanks alison

  4. lameck

    I have problem in getting started my 1992 model toyota surf with 2L-TE engine.when cranking it the pump don’t spit diesel at the injectors. I bled the fuel system and the pump leakoff was clear of airlock,on the dash there is a code,ECT-P.W.R and what does it means?
    Please i want to drive this car.

  5. C.M.LALL

    Toyota Hilux surf (YN 30)Automatic trnasmission tkaes long time to go foward or revrse . We change oil and clean strainer but still work the same.
    Please advice me .
    Thannk You.

  6. jason

    I have a Engine management light come on, It started after a30 mile round trip we had some black smoke at about 2.500 rpm more than before like the turbo had blown so when i got home i had a look at the turbo it looks fine no damage vaines are all ok put it back together started the car left it ticking over for about 10 mins but as soon as i reved the car it cut out and now will not start do you have any sugestions.


  7. boy q

    I have same problem with one Mr, “lameck” (13 October 2011) on my surf hi-lux with 2L Te EFI diesel engine, however I have no code to refer to. My mechanic suspects that something is wrong with the injection pump which has several sets of electrical wires (at least three sets) connected to it.
    A set of wires connected to fuel shut solenoid, one red/black wire when tapped momentarily to the ground side of circuit crank starts the engine but for not more than 3 secs. then puffs out. I not sure if the polarity was correctly reinstalled or otherwise inadvertently altered during diagnostic test run, or a fuse or a rely may have been defective. One suspected cause of the problem is the electronic control box, but I can”t believe Toyota will design a diesel engine that will solely be dependent on electronic durability or competence, otherwise it may be extremely vulnerable to circuit overheating or humidity. I hope, nevertheless, if this is the case, hope I could easily be able to convert my 2L TE EFI engine Injection Pump to run my engine on a purely mechanical unit without going into the trouble of altering other electronic circuit wiring. Anyone pls. advice me, tnx.

  8. Joann

    Hi can anyone tell me why i can’t get water to come out of the rear wiper is there a seperate bottle that i have not found yet

  9. Kamar Hussin

    I need workshop repair manual for hilux surf automatic transmission for KZN130 1993 model. Transmission vin plate code A343F.

  10. Michael G

    Most of the problems can be solved with a tuneup, plugs and check timing ,bad timing will cause hard starting,the other problems maybe with the fuel ,check filters and replace

  11. frida Menkan

    i have been online for 6hours now trying to in vain to get a service repair manual for my Toyota hilux 2l engine 1993 that has just started sending out black smoke and consuming much fuel. Cam some one send me the manual

  12. Nehemiah Penduka

    My surf engine starts up with no problem ans no smoke when idling, but instead of giving power uphill it gives a lot of smoke. Seems like turbo not working. how can i check?

  13. Monica

    Hi there having problems in engaging the four wheel drive into four wheel drive, could the problem be a fuse or a wire has come out from somewhere. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards


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