Toyota 4AGE Engine Repair Manual Service and Maintenance Guide

toyot 4age engine The Toyota 4A-GE engine was one of the earliest inline-4 engines to have both a DOHC 16 valve configuration (four valves per cylinder, two intake, two exhaust) and electronic fuel injection (EFI). The original Toyota 4AGE 1587 cc 16 Valve DOHC EFI engine was first introduced in 1983. It has been produced in transverse FWD layout (Corollas, Sprinters etc), transverse RWD layout (MR2) and longitudinal RWD layout (RWD Corollas, Sprinters).

The Toyota 4AGE Engine Repair Manual Service and Maintenance Guide are divided into sections as follows:

Service Specifications
, included in this section, description of charging system, alternator components, disassembly, inspection, reassembly procedures.
Engine Mechanical, this section contains: engine mechanical, CO/HC, compressor, valve clearance, ignition timing, idle speed, timing belt removal/ inspection and installation, cylinder head and cylinder block removal/ disassembly/ inspection/ reassembly and installation.
, this section covers: oil and filter, oil pump, and oil nozzle.
Cooling, this section explains: cooling system, coolant requirement, water pump, thermostat, radiator, electric cooling fan, water temp switch, cooling fan relay and engine fan relay.
Electronic Fuel Injection, this section describes: EFI system, diagnosis system, engine ECU terminals, reference value of engine ECU data, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, injector, throttle bodies, camshaft timing oil control valve, ISC valve, EFI main relay, circuit opening relay, water temperature sensor, inlet air temperature sensor, vacuum sensor, knock sensor, oxygen sensor and engine ECU.
Starting System, this section explains: starter motor and starter relay.

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