Nissan Maxima Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual

1998 Nissan Maxima The Nissan Maxima is a full-size car manufactured by Nissan. The Maxima debuted in 1976 as an upscale version of the Bluebird. The Maxima models are also known as Nissan Cefiro or Nissan Laurel in various markets. (

The following maintenance, repair and troubleshooting manual apply for 1998 Nissan Maxima A32 Series. In this repair manual you will find detail information on how to perform maintenance, repair, service, trouble diagnose and troubleshooting to your Maxima. General maintenance includes those items which should be checked during normal day-to-day operation of the vehicle such as tires, wheel nuts, tire rotation, wheel alignment and balance, windshield wiper blades, doors and engine hood, steering wheel, clutch pedal, brake pedal, parking brake, automatic transaxle “park position” mechanism, engine coolant level, brake and clutch fluid level, battery, engine oil level, etc.

Index of Content:
General Information
Engine Mechanical
Engine Lubrication and Cooling System
Accelerator Control, Fuel and Exhaust System
Manual Transaxle
Automatic Transaxle
Front Axle and Front Suspension
Rear Axle and Rear Suspension
Brake System
Steering System
Restraint System
Body and Trim
Heater and Air Conditioner
Electrical System

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One thought on “Nissan Maxima Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual

  1. Lisa

    bought an 03, used Nissan Maxima. In warm weather my “service engine soon” light stays on and at times drive goes completely out. It doesn’t do this during the cold months. What’s up?


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