Mitsubishi Challenger | Montero | Pajero Sport Service Manual

The Mitsubishi Challenger is a mid-size SUV built by Mitsubishi Motors. mitsubishi pajero montero challanger nativa shogun sportThe Challenger also know as Montero Sport, Nativa, Shogun Sport and Pajero Sport. The following Service and Repair Manual provide explanation, description and illustration concerning procedures for the inspection, maintenance, repair and servicing of the subject model. Note, however, that for engine and transmission – related component parts, this manual covers only on-vehicle inspection, adjustment, and the removal and installation procedures for major components.

“On-vehicle Service” is procedures for performing inspection and adjustments of particularly important locations with regard to the construction and for maintenance and servicing, but other inspection (for looseness, play, cracking, damage, etc) must also performed.

Content of the manual: General Information, Engine, Engine Lubrication, Fuel, Engine Cooling, Intake and Exhaust, Engine Electrical, Engine and Emission Control, Clutch, Manual Transmission, Propeller Shaft, Front Axle, Rear Axle, Wheel and Tyre, Power Plant Mount, Front and Rear Suspension, Service Brakes, Parking Brakes, Steering, Body, Exterior, Interior and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Chassis Electrical, Heater, Air Conditioner and Ventilation.

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  1. Davidson Riviere

    I am in urgent need for a Mitsubishi Service/repair manual for the 1996 model. Can you help? I have been searching for this manual for a very long time.



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