Mitsubishi 6A1 Engine Service Manual The Mitsubishi 6A1 engine is a series of V6 engines from Mitsubishi Motors. The 6A12 is a 1,998cc V type 6 cylinder OHV, DOHC 24 valve engine while the 6A13 is a 2,498cc V type 6 cylinder OHV, SOHC 24 valve engine. Both engines applicable in Mitsubishi Galant and Diamante. The following manual contains detail explanation and description on service and overhaul procedures for Mitsubishi 6A1 engine series (6A12 and 6A13).

This Mitsubishi 6A1 Engine , Repair and Overhaul Guide cover discussion on:

General information
Special tools
Drive belt
Timing belt
Fuel and emission control parts
Ignition system
Water pump and water pipe
Intake manifold ad exhaust manifold
Rocker arm and camshaft
Rocker cover and camshaft
Rocker arm and rocker shaft cap
Cylinder head and valves
Oil pump case and oil pan
Piston and connecting rod
Crankshaft, cylinder block, flywheel and drive plate
Service bulletins

Get and download the Mitsubishi 6A1 Engine Service Manual, Repair and Overhaul Guide here – – free download PDF file manual.

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