Jeep Liberty KJ MOPAR Parts Catalog and Microfiche (2005)

The Jeep Liberty (KJ/KK), or Jeep Cherokee (KJ/KK) outside North America, is a compact SUV produced by the Jeep marque of Chrysler. The Liberty was the first Jeep to use two new PowerTech engines, the 150 hp 2.4 L I4, dropped in 2006, and the 210 hp 3.7 L V6. A VM Motori 2.8 L I4 common rail turbodiesel became available in CRD branded 2005–2006 Sport and Limited models.

Jeep Liberty KJ Parts Catalog The following Mopar Parts Catalog and Microfiche Diagram apply for Jeep Liberty KJ 2005 model year. Here you will find detail parts description of the vehicle. This catalog is divided into following groups: Component Parts for Mopar Accessories (audio and electronics, fog lights and electrical, etc), Front Suspension and Drive, Rear Axle, Parking Brake, Service Brakes, Clutch, Cooling, Electrical, Instrument Panel and Radios and Consoles, Engine Mounting, 2.4L Engine Four Cylinder, 3.7L Engine Six Cylinder, 2.8L Engine Four Cylinder (Turbo Diesel), Exhaust System, Frames and Bumpers, Fuel, Propeller Shafts and U-Joints, Rear Suspension, Steering, Automatic Transaxle 4 Speed, Automatic Transmission Multi-Speed, Wheels, Wiper, Air Conditioning and Heater, Emission Systems, DKJ Doors and Related Parts, etc.

Find more about Jeep Liberty KJ MOPAR Parts Catalog and Microfiche here – 558 pages of PDF file. (source:

3 thoughts on “Jeep Liberty KJ MOPAR Parts Catalog and Microfiche (2005)

  1. Paul

    As it turns out my 2007 Liberty DOES NOT have a serpentine/drive belt routing diagram sticker or plate anywhere in the engine compartment or Owners Manual. Go figure!? I’m wondering who the the genius at Jeep was that decided a Trail Rated 4WD shouldn’t have this posted right where it could be used in a far-from-everywhere belt replacement emergency? My 1999 Dodge has one. My 2008 Commanche has one (still readable too). But my new 2007 Liberty doesn’t. I had to call the dealer…even the service fellow had to look it up. Not good. Hopefully the 2005 Liberty 3.7L posted here has the same serpentine belt routing as my 2007.

    Thanks! Paul…


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