jeep ba10 transmission gearbox The Jeep BA10|5 Manual Transmission is a 5-speed, synchromesh manual transmission. Fifth gear is an 0.72:1 ratio overdrive range. All forward gear ranges feature synchronizer controlled engagement. The transmission geartrain is contained in three case sections. The input shaft, cluster gear and the first through fourth gear assemblies are located in the front case. The fifth reverse gear assemblies are located in the intermediate case and rear case. The mainshaft is supported by a pilot bearing and by roller bearings in the front and rear case. The shift forks, rails and detent components are in the front case. The gear shift lever is mounted in the intermediate case.

The following service and apply for Jeep BA10|5 manual transmission/gearbox system. The manual is divided into sections:

General Information: Description and Identification.

Specifications: General Specification and Torque Specifications.

Special Tools.

Overhaul: Transmission Disassembly, Rear Case Removal, Intermediate Case and Fifth Gear Removal, Front Case Disassembly, Input Shaft-Mainshaft Disassembly, Shift Fork, Rail and Detent Ball Removal, Cleaning and Inspection, Transmission Assembly, Shift Fork, Rail and Detent Ball Installation, Input Shaft – Mainshaft Assembly, Cluster Gear Bearing Preload Adjustment, Front Case Assembly, etc.

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