Hyundai Sonata Workshop and Service Manual (2004)

The base engine in the front-wheel-drive the 2004 Hyundai Sonata is a competent twin-cam 2.4 liter four, providing 138 hp and 147 lb-ft. of torque. The optional 4-cam V-6, which also finds a home in the Hyundai Santa Fe, delivers its 170 hp smoothly. Both engines provide a decent level of performance, with the V-6 having an obvious edge.

hyundai sonata 2004 This workshop and service manual apply for the 2004 Hyundai Sonata. This manual is divided into 22 sections. This first page of each section is marked with a black tab at the edge of the page. You can quickly find the first page of each section without looking through a full table of contents. Each section includes the essential removal, installation, adjustment and maintenance procedures for servicing all body styles. This information is current as of time of publication. Troubleshooting tables are included for each system to help you diagnose the system problem and find the cause. The repair for each possible cause is referenced in the remedy column to quickly lead you to the solution.

Content of the manual: General Information, Lubrication and Maintenance, Engine, Cooling System, Engine Electrical System, Intake & Exhaust System, Emission Control System, Fuel System, Clutch, Manual Transaxle, Automatic Transaxle, Front and Rear Suspension, Steering, Brake System, Anti-Lock Brake System, Body (Interior and Exterior), Body Electrical System, Air Conditioning System.

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6 thoughts on “Hyundai Sonata Workshop and Service Manual (2004)

  1. willie

    how can i get a workshop maneul for a sonata 2lt 16valve no one here can help me with my car problem dint want to start suspect timing

  2. simon glodon

    how can i geta transmission repair manual for 2002 sonata 2lt 4cylender my tranny tag # f4a42
    i am from trinidad&tobago plese let me know how soon ican get one so i can repair my tranny
    comment::simon glodon _15 sept@10.52 pm


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