2002 honda crv The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda since 1996.

The following workshop, repair and troubleshooting manual apply for 2002 Honda CR-V series. The 2002 CR-V Shop Manual is divided into 23 sections. The first page of each section is marked with a black tab that lines up with its corresponding thumb index tab on this page. Each section includes: A table of contents, or an exploded view index showing parts disassembly sequence, bolt torques and thread sizes, page references to descriptions in text; Disassembly/assembly procedures and tools; Inspection; Testing/troubleshooting; Repair; Adjustments.

This workshop manual is divided into sections as follows:

General information, this section contains information on chassis and engine numbers (vehicle identification number, engine number, transmission number), identification number, warning/ caution label location, lift and support point, towing and service precaution (electrical troubleshooting information, wire color code).

Specification, this section covers topics on standards and service limits, design specifications, body specifications.

Maintenance, explains about Lubricants and Fluids, Maintenance Schedule for Normal Conditions, Listed by Maintenance Item, Maintenance Schedule for Severe Conditions, Maintenance Schedule for Normal Conditions.

Engine Electrical, describes about special tools needed to perform electrical service, starting system (component Location Index, circuit diagram, starter circuit troubleshooting, starter solenoid test, starter performance test, starter replacement, starter overhaul), ignition system (circuit diagram, ignition timing inspection, ignition coil removal/installation, ignition coil troubleshooting, spark plug inspection), charging system (charging circuit troubleshooting, drive belt inspection, drive belt replacement, drive belt auto-tensioner inspection, alternator replacement, alternator overhaul), cruise control (cruise control communication circuit troubleshooting, control unit input test, main switch test/ replacement, actuator test, actuator/cable replacement, actuator cable adjustment, clutch pedal position switch test).

Engine Mechanical, contains information about engine assembly removal and installation, cylinder head, engine compression inspection, VTEC rocker arm test, VTC actuator inspection, valve clearance adjustment, crankshaft pulley removal and installation, cam chain removal and installation, chain case oil seal installation, cam chain inspection, cylinder head cover removal, VTC actuator, exhaust camshaft sprocket replacement, cylinder head inspection for warpage, rocker arm assembly removal, rocker arms and shafts disassembly/reassembly, valves springs and valve seals removal, valve inspection, valve stem-to-guide clearance inspection, valve guide replacement, valve seat reconditioning, rocker arm assembly installation, cylinder head installation, cylinder head cover installation, etc.

Engine Cooling,

Fuel and Emission,


Manual Transmission Differential,

Automatic Transmission,

Rear Differential,








Body Electrical System,

Navigation System,



Wiring Diagram.

Find more information about Honda CR-V Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual here – free download 296 MB PDF file. (source: royllarson.com). Find also other Honda Service Manual you might be looking for.

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