The following maintenance, repair and apply for Honda Goldwing GL1200 (1984 – 1987) model years. This is divided into 9 main chapters as follows:

Chapter 1, Tune-up and Routine Maintenance.
Chapter 2, Engine – Clutch and Transmission System.
Chapter 3, Cooling System.
Chapter 4, Fuel and Exhaust System.
Chapter 5, Ignition System.
Chapter 6, Steering Suspension and Final Drive.
Chapter 7, Breaks Wheels and Tires.
Chapter 8, Fairing Body and Frame.
Chapter 9, Electrical System.
Wiring Diagram.
Conversion Factor.

honda goldwing gl1200In the Honda Goldwing GL1200 troubleshooting section (page 16) you will find detail explanation and description of some problems might happen during the operation of your Honda GL1200 such as engine doesn’t start or is difficult to start, poor runningĀ  at low speed, poor running or no power at high speed, overheating, clutch problems due to clutch slipping and clutch not disengaging completely, gear shift problems, abnormal engine noise, abnormal driveline noise, abnormal frame and suspension noise, oil pressure light comes on, excessive exhaust smoke, poor handling or stability, braking problems and electrical problems (including battery dead or weak and batter overcharged).

Find more information about Honda Goldwing GL1200 Maintenance Repair and Troubleshooting Manual (84 – 87) here – - free download PDF file (source:

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