Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Workshop and Repair Manual (91)

Ford Ranger 1991 Ford Ranger is a name used on two distinct compact pickup truck lines by the Ford Motor Company and by a marketing arrangement with Mazda. The Ranger was introduced in mid-1982 for the 1983 model year. The following workshop and repair manual apply for all Non-Electric Vehicle (EV)of the 2001 Ranger. Here you will find brief information about technical specification, features, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures of Ford Ranger

The Electric Ranger is a combination of conventional and unique electric vehicle (EV) components and systems. The following procedures are designed to supplement the standard Ranger Workshop Manual for the EV specific components.

This workshop manual is divided into following sections:

General and Service Information, here you will find detail information about the vehicle’s identification code, jacking, towing and lifting, noise, vibration, and harshness, standard service procedures, pre-delivery form, electrical vehicle (EV) diagnostic direction, and powertrain diagnostic routines identification.

Chassis, here you will find information about Suspension System (Rear Suspension, Wheels and Tires), Driveline (Rear Drive Halfshafts), Brake System (Rear Disc Brake, Parking Brake and Actuation, Power Brake Actuation, and Anti-Lock Control), and Steering System (Power Steering and Steering Column Switches).

Powertrain, provides you detail service and repair procedures of the engine (basic motor/transaxle, engine cooling system and electric motor management), Automatic Transmission, Automatic Transaxle External Control, and Fuel System (Acceleration Control).

Electric, contains description and explanation of Climate Control System (including air distribution and filtering, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, and control components), Instrumentation and Warning Systems, Instrument Cluster, Battery and Charging System, Electrical Distribution and Module Communication Network.

Find more information about Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Workshop and Repair Manual here – 823 pages od PDF file. (source:

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