This owner’s manual and apply for 1992 Daihatsu F300 as well as F310 series which is well known as Daihatsu Rocky in the USA and Japan, also known as the Daihatsu Sportrak in UK and the Daihatsu Feroza in other parts of Europe and Australia. For more information about history of Daihatsu F300, F310, Rocky, Sportrak, and Feroza visit

daihatsu feroza sportrak rocky

The owner’s manual is divided into following sections:

Special Precautions for Your Vehicle
Doors and Locks
Seats and Seat Belts
Instruments and Controls
Meters and Gauges
Air Control Systems
Audio Systems
Interior Equipment
Driving Tips
In Case of an Emergency
Appearance Care
Vehicle Maintenance
(Maintenance Requirements, Scheduled Maintenance Service, Scheduled for Normal Driving and Severe Driving)
Do-it-yourself Maintenance Service
(Vehicle specification, Engine Specification, Fuel, Coolant, Engine Tune-up, Lubrication Recommendation, Recommended Engine Oil Viscosity, Clutch Pedal, Brake Pedal, Parking Brake Working Travel, Brake Fluid, Tire Specifications, Bulb Specifications, Weights)
Emission Control System

Find more information about Daihatsu F300 F310 Rocky Sportrak Feroza Owner’s Manual and Maintenance Schedule here – – free download PDF file from

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