2010 KIA Forte Owner Manual and Maintenance Schedule

2010 kia forte white The 2010 KIA Forte comes in EX and sporty SX trim levels. The sedan also comes in base LX trim. The LX and EX are driven by a 156-hp 2.0-liter engine combined with a standard 5-speed manual or optional 4-speed automatic transmission system. The SX is powered by a 173-hp 2.4-liter engine paired with a standard 6-speed manual or optional 5-speed automatic. Available safety features include ABS, traction control, antiskid system, curtain side airbags, and front side airbags.

The 2010 KIA Forte Owner Manual and Maintenance Schedule are divided into following sections:

Your vehicle at a glance
Safety features of your vehicle
Features of your vehicle
, included in this section: keys, smart key, remote keyless entry, door locks, trunk, windows, hood, fuel filler lid, sunroof, steering wheel, mirrors, instrument cluster, hazard warning flasher, lighting, wipers and washer, interior light, defroster, manual climate control, automatic climate control system, windshield defrosting and defogging, storage compartment, interior features, and audio system.
Driving your vehicle, this section covers: before driving, key position, engine start, manual and automatic transaxle, brake system, cruise control system, etc.
What to do in an emergency
, this section contains: engine compartment, owner maintenance, maintenance schedule, coolant and fluid, wiper blade, tire and wheels, fuse, battery, emission control system.
Specifications & Consumer information

Get detail information about 2010 KIA Forte Owner Manual and Maintenance Schedule here – Free download 6.3 MB PDF file type document.


8 thoughts on “2010 KIA Forte Owner Manual and Maintenance Schedule

  1. Dhafir Isko

    I need to down load the owner’s manual and maintenance schedule for the KIA FORTE 2010 S1 in English , as the one I got with the car is in the Korean Language


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