2009 dodge journey The 2009 Journey is a 4-door, up to 7-passenger sport-utility, available in 5 trims, SE, SXT, SXT AWD, RT and RT AWD. This maintenance and owner’s manual apply for 2009 Dodge Journey series. Here you will find detail yet brief information and explanation about thinks to know before starting your vehicle, understanding the features of your vehicles, understanding the instrument panel (including instrument panel features, instrument cluster, electronic vehicle information center, radio general information, video entertainment system, CD/DVD maintenance, radio operation and cellular phone, climate controls), starting and operating, what to do in emergencies, maintaining your vehicle, maintenance schedules, and consumer assistance information.

The maintenance section outlines detail description of 2.4L engine compartment, 2.7L engine compartment and 3.5L engine compartment, on board diagnostic system, emission inspection and maintenance programs, replacement parts, and maintenance procedures of engine oil, engine oil filter, drive belts, spark plugs, engine air cleaner filter, catalytic converter, maintenance free-battery, and air conditioner maintenance, A/C air filter, power steering, front suspension ball joints, wiper blades, windshield washers, exhaust system, cooling system, hoses and vacuum, fuel and brake system, automatic transaxle, fuses, bulb replacements, etc.

Find more information about 2009 Dodge Journey Maintenance and Owner’s Manual here – http://www.autodealertools.com/quickQuote/manuals/2009/Journey.pdf – Free download PDF file. Find also other Dodge Owner Manual you might be looking for.

Source: autodealertools.com; image from: autospectator.com

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