2008 Ford Escape Maintenance and Owner’s Manual

2008 ford escape The following maintenance and owner’s manual apply for 2008 Ford Escape series. This maintenance manual is divided into sections as follows:


Instrument Cluster

Entertainment Systems, contains detail information about the audio systems, general audio information, and navigation system, AM/FM/single CD/in-dash CD6/MP3 satellite compatible sound system.

Climate Controls, included in this section description of manual heating and air conditioning system, dual automatic temperature control, and rear window defroster.

Lights, contains information about headlamp control, panel dimmer control, aiming the headlamps, aiming the headlamps, turn signal controls, interior lamps and bulb replacement.

Driver Controls

Locks and Security

Seating and Safety Restraints

Tires, Wheels and Loading


Roadside Emergencies

Customer Assistance


Maintenance and Specifications, this section describes detail information about service recommendation, precautions when servicing your vehicle, opening the hood, identifying components in the engine compartment, windshield washer fluids, changing the wiper blades, engine oil, battery, engine coolant, fuel filter, emission control system, brake/clutch fluid, transmission fluid, engine data, etc.



Find more information about 2008 Ford Escape Maintenance and Owner’s Manual here – http://www.autodealertools.com/quickQuote/manuals/2008/Escape.pdf – free download PDF file source: autodealertools.com. Find also other Ford Owner Manual you might be looking for.

4 thoughts on “2008 Ford Escape Maintenance and Owner’s Manual

  1. Milton Gino Briceño Meza

    Es muy importante la informacion que se puede ofrecer para un correcto servicio de taller al auto

  2. Nancy

    We are changing brakes on a 2008 Ford Escape. The bit size we were told from the local ford dealership should be a 5mm or 7mm. Neither one of these work. Please let me know what the actual size of this is so that we are able to complete our task.



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