2002 Honda Civic Hatchback Workshop Repair and Service Manual

The Honda Civic is a line of subcompact/compact cars manufactured by Honda. It was first introduced in 1972 as a two-door coupe (later a three-door hatchback also introduced). The 2002 Honda Civic is powered by a 1,668 cc 1.7 liters 4 in-line front engine with 75 mm bore, 94.4 mm stroke, 9.5 compression ratio, overhead cam and four valves per cylinder.

honda civic hatcback The following workshop manual apply for 2002 Honda Civic Hatchback series. This manual contains information regarding technical specification, features technology, operation, maintenance, service, repair, inspection, assembly, disassembly, Maintenance Schedule, and troubleshooting of the vehicle. The manual is divided into 23 sections which are General Information, Specification, Maintenance, Engine Electrical, Engine, Cooling, Fuel and Emission, Steering, Suspension, Brakes (including ABS), Body, Heating/Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Body Electrical, and Restraint System.

The maintenance section also covers following topics: maintenance schedule for normal condition, maintenance schedule for severe conditions, engine system maintenance, transmission, brake system, clutch line, release fork for manual transmission, throttle cable eng, shift,and select cable ends for manual transmission, brake booster clevis, clutch booster clevis, shift lever pivot, pedal linkage, battery terminals, fuel fill door, hatch hinges, air conditioning compressor, caliper piston boot, caliper pin and boots.

Find more about 2002 Honda Civic Hatchback Workshop Repair and Service Manual here – 28.19 MB PDF filetype. (source: importworkshop.com, image from: ridelust.com)

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