2001 Mazda Familia 323 Protege Maintenance and Owner’s Manual

The Mazda Familia is Mazda’s compact car family, also known as the Mazda 323 in Europe and North America and later known as the Mazda ProtegĂ© in North   mazda familia 2001 America, produced in Japan between 1976 and 2003. The 2001 Mazda Familia comes with DOHC-16V in-line, 4-cylinder available in three types, the 1.6-liter engine, 1.8L engine and 2.0L engine.

The following maintenance and owner’s manual provide detail description, technical specification, features, operating, maintenance and minor service procedures for 2001 Mazda Familia series. This manual is divided into sections as follows:

Your Vehicle at Glance, provides overview of the interior and dashboard, exterior and part identification of your Mazda.

Essential Safety Equipment, describes the use of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, SRS air bags and child-restraint systems.

Knowing Your Mazda, explains the basic operations and controls; opening/closing  and adjustment of various parts.

Before Driving Your Mazda, contains important information about driving your Mazda, e.g. fuel requirements, emission control system, engine exhaust, break-in period, winter driving, etc.

Driving Your Mazda, explains the instruments and controls. Contents: ignition switch, starting the engine, brake system, manual and automatic transaxle operation, power steering, cruise control, meters and gauges, warning and indicators lights, switches and controls.

Interior Comfort, outlines detail information about various features for drive comfort, including climate control and audio system.

In Case of an Emergency, contains helpful information on what to do in an emergency.

Maintenance and Care, gives brief information on how to keep your Mazda in top condition. Contents: Scheduled Maintenance, Owner Maintenance Schedule, Engine Compartment Overview, Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Brake/Clutch Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Automatic Transaxle Fluid, Washer, Wiper Blade, Air Filter, Tires, Battery, Light Bulbs, etc.

Customer Information, describes important consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.

Specification, contains detail technical specification of your Mazda.


Find more information about 2001 Mazda Familia 323 Protege Maintenance and Owner’s Manual here – 270 pages of PDF filetype. (source: galne.se, wikicars.org). Find also other Mazda Workshop Manual you might be looking for.

3 thoughts on “2001 Mazda Familia 323 Protege Maintenance and Owner’s Manual

  1. Tanya Mas

    I would like to get an English Version of the car manuel.

    The one that came with the vehicle was all in Japanese-The model of the vechicle is Mazda Familia 2001 .
    Thank you


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