1995 Land Rover Discovery Workshop Repair and Troubleshooting Manual

The Discovery is a four wheel drive on-road and off-road vehicle from the British car maker Land Rover. It was first introduced in 1989, and there have been three generations of the 1995 Land Rover Discovery vehicle until now. The The following manual provides detail information about specification, features, description and illustration, maintenance, repair, service and trouble diagnosis for Land Rover Discovery 1995 model years onwards. This workshop manual is designed to assist skilled technicians in the efficient repair and maintenance of Land Rover vehicles.

The manual is divided into following sections/topics: Introduction, General Specification Data, Engine Tuning Data, General Fitting Reminders, Lubricants, Fluids and Capacities, Maintenance, Engine (covers Tdi, V8i, 4.0 V8 and Mpi engine type), Emission Control, Fuel System (for each engine type as mentioned previously), Cooling System, Manifold and Exhaust System, Clutch, Manual Gearbox, Transfer Box, Automatic Gearbox, Propeller Shaft, Front and Rear Axle and Final Drive, Steering, Front and Rear Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres, Supplementary Restraint System, Chassis and Body, Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Wipers and Washers, Electrical System, and 300 Tdi Diesel Engine Overhaul. Here is a quotation from the Engine Section (page 109):

“The V8i engine has cast aluminum cylinder heads and cylinder block. The two banks of steel cylinder liners which are pressed down to stops in the block are set at 90 degree to one another. The three ringed aluminum pistons transmit the power through the connecting rods to a cast iron five bearing crankshaft, which drives the centrally located camshaft via a duplex type chain. The electronic ignition distributors is driven by a gear off the front of the camshaft and the lubrication oil pump is driven by a gear off the front of the crankshaft.”

Find more information about 1995 Land Rover Discovery Workshop Repair and Troubleshooting Manual here – 976 pages of PDF file. (source: wikipedia.com, bauchan.org, picture from: britishpacific.com)

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