KENWOOD KDC-MP342U MP3/WMA CD Receiver Manual Operating Instruction

KENWOOD KDC-MP342U The KENWOOD KDC-MP342U is a MP3/WMA CD Receiver featuring Theft Deterrent Faceplate (TDF), 14 Segment FL Display, Music Search, Rewritable Security Code function, Rotary Encoder for Easy Operation, Manual Dimmer Function (2Step) and Supplied with Remote Control Unit. Other features include: Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile, iPod ready, and Dual External Media Control Capability.

This KENWOOD KDC-MP342U MP3/WMA CD Receiver Manual and Operating Instruction provide detail information regarding basic operation, menu system, specifications, installation and removing parts and components as well as troubleshooting guide of the device. The manual is divided into sections as follows:

Before Use
Basic Operation
: general functions, tuner functions, disc and audio file play functions
Menu System
Clock/Display Settings
Music Disc/Audio File Operation
Audio Adjustment
Other Functions
Satellite Radio Tuner Control
Basic Operations of Remote Control
Connecting Wires to Terminals
Troubleshooting Guide

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