Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 Manual User Guide – Operating Instruction

samsung Gravity SGH-t459 The SAMSUNG Gravity™ is a stylish messaging phone and a whole lot more. It’s a music phone, a camera phone, a Web-surfing phone, a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology phone and a camcorder phone. It comes with 262k TFT 176 x 220 (of resolution) screen display, 1.3 Megapixel camera (4x Digital Zoom and night shot mode), Video recording, support MP3 and MIDI AAC/AAC+ music, 60mb Internal User Memory (up to 4gb microSD external memory slot), 4.53” x 2.07” x .70” of dimension (HxWxD), 4.3 ounces of weight.

The following Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 Manual, User Guide and Operating Instruction is divided into sections as follows:

Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Menu Navigation
Entering Text
Understanding Your Phonebook
Fun and Apps
Changing Your Settings
, included in this section: sound settings, vibration, display, phone, security, bluetooth, call settings, software update, etc.
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

Get more information on Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 Manual, User Guide and Operating Instruction here – free download 5.17 PDF file manual.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Gravity SGH-t459 Manual User Guide – Operating Instruction

  1. Brown

    samaung SGH-t459 i can’t user the browser so can u send me user manual on how to configure the browser and use it ? thank you

  2. kola k,boy

    please i want to know how to use the t,zone and browser as well,can you guys please send the user guide hand book to me?i lost my my some were and i can’t find it sir,please help me with the book and to use the browser and the t’zone thank you.

  3. shahzab

    plz, send me samsung gravity sgh-t459 t-mobile manual book to read about every thing in cell phone no. is 03328973017. sms me if u have any urgent message.


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