2009 Nissan Pathfinder Specs Owner’s and Maintenance Manual

The Nissan Pathfinder and Terrano were first introduced in late 1986. The first generation Pathfinder/Terrano platform is known as the WD21. The second generation Pathfinder platform is known as the R50, and the third generation is nissan pathfinder 2009 known as the R51. The 2009 Pathfinder is a 4-door, 7-passenger sport-utility, available in 8 trims, which are S 4X2, S 4X4, SE 4X2, SE 4X4, SE Off Road 4X4, LE 4X2, LE 4X4, and LE V8 4X4. All models use 4.0L V6, 24 valves and produce 266 hp @ 5600 rpm, except for the LE V8 4X4 which uses 5.6L V8, 32 valves generating 310 hp @ 5200 rpm.

The following manual apply for 2009 Nissan Pathfinder. This manual contains detail information regarding technical specification, features technology, operating, maintenance, and service procedures for the vehicle. The owner’s manual is divided into sections as follows:

Safety Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system, this section provides detail information about the vehicle safety system.

Instruments and controls, contains explanation on meters and gauges, compass display, warning/indicator lights and audible reminders (including checking bulbs, warning and indicator lights), security system, windshield wiper and washer switch, rear window wiper and washer switch, headlight and turn signal switch, hazard warning flasher switch, horn, Vehicle Dynamic Control, HomeLinkT universal transceiver, etc.

Pre-driving checks and adjustments, includes in this section discussion on the key, doors, Nissan intelligent key, remote keyless entry system, hood, lift gate, glass hatch, steering wheel, mirrors, and automatic drive positioner.

Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems.

Starting and driving.

In case of emergency.

Appearance and care.

Maintenance and do-it-yourself, provides detail description about maintenance requirement, general maintenance items, engine compartment check locations, engine cooling system, engine oil, 5-speed automatic transmission fluid, window washer fluid, battery, variable voltage control system, drive belt, spark plugs, air cleaner, brakes, fuses, battery replacement, etc.


Find more about 2009 Nissan Pathfinder Specs Owner’s and Maintenance Manual here – 471 pages of PDF filetype. (source: courtesyparts.com, wikipedia.org, image from: autos.aol.com). Find also other Nissan Owner’s and Maintenance manual you might be looking for.

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  1. chaun

    HOw do I know what tire has low pressure by the four listed? Which one is which???? I have been trying to find out for weeks…please help.


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