Honda CB250 CL250 CB350 and CL350 Workshop Manual

Honda CB250 CL250 CB350 CL350 The following workshop manual provides detail information about specification, maintenance, repair, and service procedures for Honda CB250, CL250, CB350 and CL350 motorcycles models. The CL350 is used as a base for this manual; therefore, the photographs and drawings are of this model. However, since all models are practically identical, the information contained will apply equally well to the other model.

Service and maintenance procedures are outlined in detail to enable the shop personnel to locate the problems rapidly and make repairs in much saving time. This manual has been prepared by major groups, assemblies and sections for easy use. Further, all work procedures are descriptive and accompanied by many photographs and drawings for clarity.

Content of the manual: Technical Data, Specification Tools, Engine, Frame, Electrical, Inspection/Adjustment, Wiring Diagram, and Supplemental. Find more information about Honda CB250, CL250, CB350, and CL350 Workshop Procedures in the following manual.

4 thoughts on “Honda CB250 CL250 CB350 and CL350 Workshop Manual

  1. Tara

    I am trying to download the free pdf for a 73 homda cb350f that is supposedly available on this website, but cannot find the download available. Are you able to email the pdf to me?


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